Sunday, December 10, 2006

"I've just had the weirdest dream..."

Last night I had a very strange dream. I dreamt I was in a school cloakroom-type-thing having a delightful discussion with Jeremy Clarkson. Not only that, we were discussing the in and outs of studying degrees of a similar structure. (Obviously, he was not studying Psychology like me, that wouldn't make sense! He was studying motoring). He was very nice. (In real life, I think Clarkson is very cool. In a geeky way. I have a thing about geeks. Obviously, like every woman with eyes, I prefer the Hamster, he's just not as funny as Clarky.)

In the dream, the cloakroom was filled with biker gear, and towards the end of our conversation, we kept getting interrupted by bikers coming in to collect their things, perhaps after finishing work? Not sure. But Clarkson hates bikers, and being interrupted, so he kept taking the piss out of these guys, it was very funny.

Anyway, suddenly, in the same cloakroom, now filled with people, I was married to Max from Hollyoaks. I was evil, like Claire, but I was not Claire, as she was sat opposite me, giving me the evil eye for stealing her sugar daddy. Max was still ill from his heart attack, so I went to hug him, but when I did, I noticed he was wearing a floaty white skirt and matching top. He may have also turned into a woman at that point too. Then HID woke me up with his toothache.

Possible reasons for the dream: currently writing an essay about Freud, a small portion of which involves dream analysis. I think Freud might have turned in his grave if I'd have told him that dream! Freud used lots of sex symbolism, a room, like a cloakroom, is supposed to represent a womb. Well, I have been pretty broody of late, that might make sense. But Clarkson? Max in drag? I have no idea; your guess is as good as mine.

Note: I was going to put a pic of Clarkson or Claire instead of what Guinness fans (like HID) will have noticed as the dream advert. However, try typing "Hollyoaks girls" into, and you're just asking for scantily clad ladies apparently, so I couldn't find a decent one. As for Clarky, it is very weird and creepy when they take arty photos of him, trying to make him appear young and attractive.



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