Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Entertainment Value

My sister works in a large department store as a "visual merchandiser", or window dresser to you and me. She is very well suited to her job, what with a bank-busting love of fashion and big names, and a pedantically perfectionist nature, to the point of, I have suspected since I became interested in psychology, obsessive compulsive disorder.

Despite the fact that said department store is quite the classy establishment, she claims her job is a constant battle to prevent the general public from undressing their manikins. Or rather, re-dressing the manikins
after members of the public have left them in a state of undress.

Apparently, the most popular manikins to undress are those in children's wear and men's wear, suggesting that perhaps little boys may be the culprit of this embarrassing problem? She claims she spends a large quantity of her day pulling up trousers of manikins.
What is more, some of the manikins have manipulable digits on their hands; can you guess? She also is very familiar with re-positioning the hands of her unfortunate manikins into gestures which are not considered to be rude.

So bizarrely, there are people making their own entertainment on shopping trips by "debagging" plastic humans and forcing them to swear. How very degrading! I can see it now, a six foot male manikin with his shorts round his ankles giving those who pass him the finger. What a statement.
I can only assume that the people who do this are either male or under the age of ten, as surely, women can redeem enough entertainment value from the spending of money.

I will leave you with my sister's quote of the day:

"I walked into the lingerie department, and there she was, with her knickers round her ankles!"



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