Friday, August 17, 2007

Daddy's girl (or boy!)

As I previously posted, I have experienced a few flutterings of the baby moving for about a month now, but nothing especially regular or strong. In fact at one stage, because of all the pains I'd been having I was worried something was wrong as it seemed to stop for a few days, but the scan confirmed everything was ok.

The other night, HID and I were in bed chatting, and he put his hand on my tummy, and the baby kicked so hard! Every time he moved his hand, the baby followed him and kicked underneath it, it was so exciting. Unfortunately, I'm quite well insulated, so HID was unable to feel these kicks himself, but it now happened every time he touches my tummy!

The books say that this week specifically the baby starts to react to pressure, which was obviously what was going on, but we loved it!

I've informed HID that now the baby's hearing is improving, so he should talk to the baby so s/he can get used to his voice too. HID thinks it's highly amusing to put his mouth actually
OVER my belly (as though he is going to blow a raspberry) and talk in a stupidly loud and echo-y voice to the baby. Well, s/he is not going to know what the hell Daddy is supposed to sound like!




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