Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who's the Daddy!

A week ago, I had my 24 week midwife appointment, which unfortunately HID couldn't attend, even though he's dying to hear the baby's heartbeat on the dopler machine. All was very well, healthy and normal. When the midwife started to check the baby's heartbeat with the dopler, the funniest thing happened, the baby kicked it away! This didn't just happen once but twice, which gave me the giggles, and made it very hard for the midwife to actually get a good listen!

Anyway, I thought that since the baby was now big enough to kick the midwife away, surely HID could feel the kicks too? I'd even thought I'd SEEN the baby kick a few times now! When I told HID what had happened at the midwife's later in bed, he obviously thought the same thing and put his hand onto my tummy. Within a few seconds, the baby moved right under his hand:

ME: There! Did you feel it?

HID: Yes!

a short passage of time....

ME: Again, there...

HID: Yes, right at the tips of my fingers!

Which is exactly where it had been! We rolled together, and he hugged me as tightly as he did the day we found out I was pregnant. Even though it was 11pm, and we were in darkness, HID reached for his phone. I knew instantly what he was doing: he was updating his status on facebook. This is what he wrote:

HID is very excited about becoming a Dad as just felt the baby kick for the first time!

How sweet is that?




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