Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Catastophy! (Sorry, couldn't resist...)

Most of mine and HID's weekends are now spent at our little static caravan (yes, believe it or not we are both in our early 20's), the view is just bliss, and it doesn't hurt to have a little break from my live in MIL!

We also take our lovely little adopted cat, as she loves it up there, although she is not always fond of the car journey it involves.
Being adopted, we are unsure of her background, we got her when she was about 2 years old, and from how timid and nervous she is in new situations and with new people, we assume she may have had a bit of a scarred "kitten-hood". She is pictured here in one of her braver moments, outside the van in daylight hours.

She loves to play outside at home, but at the caravan, she is much more cautious, and refuses to go out in daylight hours since there are people to contend with (she even pelts back inside to cower under the table when children ride past on their bikes!)
So, every night at dark we let her out. However, the sun rises about 4am at the moment, and she has a vampire-like fear of being out in it, and cries at the door until we sleepily let her in, usually with no problems.

Last week, she may have been crying for quite some time, as I vaguely remember hearing her but being powerless to rouse myself from sleep, I was especially tired! HID hadn't managed it either. (This is great from the couple expecting a baby imminently in December, hmmmm).
I was shocked awake by a loud sound as though someone had thrown the cat against the side of the caravan, and panicking, pleaded with HID to take a look out of the window, thinking she was hurt.

The windows don't have ledges, just a tiny space where they are sealed in with that glue stuff. (Aren't you impressed with my technical window knowledge?!)
Ripping back the curtains, HID and I saw that she has assumed all windows have ledges, and jumped up at ours (possibly for acoustic advantage) and had got her claws stuck in the glue, and was thus scrabbling with her back legs to heave herself up.

HID, wearing nought but a t-shirt, had to rush outside on our crowded caravan park (albeit at 4am) to unhook her from her precarious position.
I was unable to sleep for most of the rest of the night due to fits of giggles at the whole episode. We now get up as soon as we hear her.....



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