Sunday, February 28, 2010

Toddler to English Dictionary: revised edition

He's growing up so fast. I took him paddling in the stream at the end of our road the other day. His first stream paddle! It was slightly stressful, with Missis in the sling too, but we had a great time.

So here are his latest in terms of favourite words. My favourites, that is....
Or-Tock: octopus

ash-ash: apple

sic-sic: chicken

didit: biscuit

Iya: phone, as in, Mummy's Iya

wot-wot: yoghurt

sassas: pasta

Dean: green

Right: white

Dick-cock: clock (*smirk*)

Dan: dance (accompanied by a shoulder wiggle)

Car Dan: a car with music playing on the stereo

Weak: drink, water

Meak: Milk

Mummy Meak: Mummy's milks.... you know, boobs!

Ahh: name for his sister. Everyone who meets her says "Ahhh".

Daddy dike: Daddy's bike (motorcycle). This applies to all motor bikes and leather gear.

Oh tie-ee: all tidy. Not that this happens often!

Night night: his "night night" comfort blanket

Nan nigh: saying goodnight

Miss: kiss. Also to mean dummy. It's a tedious link.
Dad: granddad.

Cheerios: cereal. Any type. (Including supermarket-own brand O's, not Nestle!)
No, dada, no! : I've finished my meal, thank you. (Ignore this warning and it's going on the floor)
Or-Oss: Awesome! (we watch an American children's music show. Listening and dancing to music iiiiis....AWESOME!)

Dillian: Brilliant (listening and dancing to music is also brilliant)

Tun ON!: come ON! (something I say when frustrated. Come ON zip. Come ON shoe. Come ON car. Etc. Not thrilled he repeats this! At least it's not swearing.

Ma-mo: banana

Ossh: off

Tenny: penny

Notice in the above words that Boy sometimes pronounces "F" as "sh" and "P" as "t". I don't swear in front of the children, and instead have chosen to say "oh flip" when things aren't going my way. Boy copies. But change the F to an sh, and the P to a T, and he says......oh dear. Perhaps I'd better come up with a new non-swearword.

After being found to have a language delay at his two year check two months ago, Boy has advanced to quickly, I often find myself wondering where he heard such and such, or how he knows about this or that when he comes out and says certain things. He really thinks about things, and now he can say enough words to tell us what he's thinking about. Yes, it is mostly cars, but it's interesting nonetheless! I'm so ridiculously proud of him, it's only learning to talk, most children do it no problem, but its just so utterly amazing to see this baby that I MADE telling me that his sister has finished her milk, so now mummy can get the blocks out for me. As exciting as I find it, I'm also clinging on to that baby I once had. I was writing some of his funny sayings in his baby book last night, and some of the pictures in there make my heart ache. He was so small not very long ago. His sister looks just like him. When she grows, will she be like Boy is now? I remember being so excited when he learned to blow a raspberry at four months. Everything he conquers is so precious to me, but I know I can't keep them all forever. It's like trying to keep water in my hands, I can't stop it slipping away but I'm just not ready to let it go. My baby is a boy.

On Wednesday, he got his very first freckles, just five or so, round the smiley crinkles of his eyes. I was delighted. I'm covered in freckles and so is HID, I've always thought they are so beautiful. When I was a little girl, my granddad told me the sun had given me special kisses.

On the same day, he said "yes" for the very first time. For almost a year, he'd used a waving hand (like a nodding hand) for yes, which then turned into a pirate-like "Aye", then for a few weeks into "hurrah", and finally yer. Not "yeah" but a clear and beautiful yes.

He gets on my last nerve sometimes, but other times, I have to squeeze him just a little too tight while I still can.



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