Friday, July 06, 2007

Butterfly Flutterings

At the start of the week, I jumped in my car and put the stereo on loud when I had a funny sensation in my tummy. Gurgling of the pregnant digestive system? "Period" type pains the doctor had okayed as normal? (What a jip, aren't I supposed to get nine months off?) I couldn't decide. I didn't seem like anything to worry about, so I carried on. And I carried on getting these sensations a few times a day.

A few days later, I checked my pregnant cousin's facebook page, her status informed me she was "being kicked and prodded from the inside out". She is 20 weeks pregnant, I am 15, so I asked her when she began to feel movement, she said around week 15! An explanation for what I felt? I decided to wait til I felt it again. She herself said she wasn't sure that's what it was til week 17 or 18.

So yesterday, HID took me shopping for a treat. In topshop, we always split: me to the sales, him to topman. I had chosen and tried on a gorgeous jade green maternity tankini (£12 in the sale), and considering a butterfly hairclip, when suddenly, there were butterfly flutterings very low down in my tummy! I went to find HID to tell him, and a huge grin spread across his face and he kissed me hard. He bought me the clip.

Later, in a cafe for dinner, I felt it again. And twice at home when I was chilling out. Babies move when they are happy, or so I've read. This is my kind of baby, I'm getting responses from shopping, food, and relaxing. Baby's going to be just like mummy! Uh-oh!




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