Thursday, June 18, 2009


I've been tagged! Thanks Clare. So....

Here are the rules:
1. Mention the person who tagged you
2. Complete the lists of 8s
3. Tag 8 other bloggers and let them know.

8 Things I'm looking forward to
1. The birth of my second baby: and knowing what the hell to do with a newborn this time!
2. The harvest of my first ever attempt at growing my own food
3. Getting Boy's wellies out of the campervan, which has been at the garage having work done for AGES. He may have grown out of them....
4. Hubby's office BBQ at the weekend, the MD always goes all out,and his wife is a doll. His sons (all around my age) are not bad to look at either! Will they have a mechanical bull this year too...?
5. Decorating my big Boy's room with a pirate theme!
6. Visiting the toy library at our children's centre again.
7. Water Babies swimming class later today.
8. Breastfeeding again. And carrying a newborn in a sling. (Similar to number 1....)

8 Things I did yesterday
1. Went to aquanatal and despaired of my small bump yet again.
2. Went to Rap & Rhyme and found that my 18mold was the biggest one there!
3. Bought and ate a Cadbury's Wispa
4. Looked after an off-sick HID
5. Watched almost all of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, really enjoying it.
6. Loved listening to my Boy roar like a dinosaur.
7. Enjoyed my Boy playing gently with my hair and cuddling me while riding on my back in the sling.
8. Returned some clothes to Matalan and bought HID a father's day present, and my step-dad a card, and a flat sheet for the bed in this hot weather, while we were there. More than we would usually do!

8 Things I wish I could do
1. Knit.
2. Use a sewing machine.
3. Have more patience with my Boy.
4. Be pregnant without SPD, and thus care for my son the way I want to.
5. Use my high-spec camera properly.
6. Cook better.
7. Be less self righteous: I'm always right don't you know!
8. Be dedicated to losing weight/exercising.

8 favourite fruits
1. Mmmmm could live on fruit. Grapes.


3. Strawberries

4. Melon

5. Raspberries

6. Blueberries

7. Apples

8. Oranges

8 Places I'd like to travel
1. Japan to visit my brother in law
2. Italy
3. Scotland (again)
4. New Zealand
5. Ireland
6. America
7. Wales
8. Paris (again)

8 Places I've lived
1. Lancaster
2. Accrington
3. Current residence!

8 people tagged: thought I'd uncover some new-ish (at least to me!) blogs.
  1. West of the Pennines
  2. Eve
  3. Lorna
  4. Spinning Plates
  5. Andrea
  6. Jo
  7. CrazyMaisey
  8. Half Mum Half Biscuit


At 12:58 pm , Blogger clareybabble said...

Knitting is great and really easy to get the hang of! Try teaching yourself, there's nothing better than knitting something for your baby to wear! x

At 12:08 pm , Blogger allgrownup said...

I'm trying! But can't read the patterns due to dyslexia: finding it very complicated!

At 1:07 am , Blogger Nadia said...

I really like a lot of your posts...

just a comment, America has a lot of countries, is not just USA, sorry but I get emotional with this!


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