Monday, April 12, 2010

All is quiet....

So you know somethings going on. I take the baby and nip upstairs to the loo, and this is the scene of devastation that awaits me on my return.

I've never been more glad that I chose the tesco value oats, and not organic-such-and-such. He will turn his bath to porridge tonight. It was in his hair...even in the turn ups of his jeans. I'm thinking cupboard locks. Tonight. Shame HID spent an hour last night cleaning the the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing!

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Well, a happy belated Easter to all! We had a bit of a crazy time, including mine and Missis' longest ever separation so far....planned of course. It was a friend's hen do, the one who you all voted for to win her wedding! She had an evening out planned, which I'd politely declined, sadly, knowing it was impossible at the moment, due to me being an all night snack bar. But, she also planned a spa day. Well, it was tough to refuse lunch, lazing around in robes, a facial, and full use of the facilities for a mere £35, so I took the plunge. Knowing that while Missis is still breastfed and most available babysitters point blank refusing to believe in the power of the sling as a calming tool, there was no way one person, not even sling-convert HID, could look after a high-need baby and a high-need toddler. So I split them up. Boy off to his Aunties to decorate hard boiled eggs, and Missis with Daddy for almost 5hrs solid of slinging. I did enjoy myself, but I felt like I was missing something the whole time. And when HID brought her back to me, I felt I just needed to feed her, even though she wasn't really interested, and I wasn't especially full.

Easter Sunday was spent with the same friend and her same-age-as-Boy daughter; they had organised a huge egg hunt for all the children they would usually have bought eggs for. I wasn't sure Boy would understand, so we'd done a practice run with his hard boiled eggs in the garden on Saturday, and he enjoyed it much more than I had thought. But on the day, he just wasn't in the mood for trekking round fields to look for eggs. Although he wasn't the youngest, he trailed the furthest behind, and if it wasn't for other parents being extra-kind and coercing their children into leaving one or two eggs behind, he's never have found any! Being a bit of an anti-junk-food household, we were secretly pleased he had just a few small eggs, some children had 20 or so! It would take him all year to eat that many with the amount of chocolate I'd let him eat in a week. We'd asked relatives not to get him chocolate. Only my Nanna ignored this, and she also attempted to buy seven month old Missis an egg, I managed to talk her out of it. Apparently, white chocolate is suitable for babies! The party tea after the egg hunt was lots of fun. It was a jacob's join, but I'd only been informed the night before, so I brought cheese butties. Not exactly fancy, but I was glad when I realised almost everyone else had brought some form of Easter cake! We decided to let Boy eat what he wanted, it was a party after all. He liked the idea of having the cakes, more than eating them, oddly. He ate one, but had many on his plate. They did look yummy! HID and I ate far more junk than he did. And Missis enjoyed trying lots of different savoury things.
On Monday we went to a friend's son's 5th birthday party at a local soft play place, taking the same friend that we'd spent most of the weekend with, since her and her partner don't drive. Halfway through the day, the Easter Bunny arrived! It was a total surprise to my friend who had organised the party. Boy LOVED it. He went straight over and wanted to touch the person in costume, and then started giving him high fives, much to mu amusement! All of this was before he even realised the Bunny was handing out chocolate eggs, well that just made his day. My friend's daughter had the opposite reaction to a costume-d man, and sat, shaking, at the other end of the room in Mummy's arms, poor thing. Neither of the toddlers were at all interested in the party tea, having gorged the previous day, but Missis was well up for it. With her tiny frame in a highchair next to all the huge toddlers, she shocked all the parents by managing four or so tuna sandwiches before deciding she'd had enough. I loved watching their faces, totally bemused at this tiny thing stuffing her face while all the toddlers pushed a few chips round their plates til the cakes came out.

We've had a great time this weekend too in the sunshine, even though my SPD has been really bad. HID had to take Wednesday as a sick day because I literally couldn't walk when I woke up. We misguidedly went to the zoo yesterday, I was too sore really, and was really hobbling when we came out. We only stayed an hour too! We did a little planting in the garden, it was lovely just being outside with the children. And choosing summery clothes for my little girl is the most fun. Hats, how I love hats! I took so many photos for her sitting in the grass. (And pulling it up. And eating it.)
Next weekend is my friend's wedding! My mum was asked to have Boy overnight, and is now taking him for the whole weekend to their cabin in the lakes, which he will love, and I'm sure we'll enjoy ourselves too. And HID has his mock motorcycle test, for a BIG bike, on the Sunday. I wasn't keen on him having a small bike, but when the little one got stolen while we were on holiday, he used the insurance money as a "silver lining" and booked his test. I know he'll do great. He's a very sensible rider. So busy busy once again!