Thursday, June 28, 2007

Five Year Plan

HID said something I found very funny the other day. It was the five year anniversary of our first date. We were just chilling out, not really doing much, when he said:

HID: it's all worked out all right for you then, hasn't it Mrs?

ME: what do you mean?

HID was
referring to the ominous five-year-plan that single women torture themselves with. You know the one, in five year's time, I want to be living with/married to/pregnant by my boyfriend or even boyfriend-to-be.

Well, on our five year anniversary, he pointed out that I had conned him into proposing, buying a house together, getting married, and having a baby. A sat back in my chair and felt a little smug. I knew he was kidding, he wanted all those things as much as I did, but all that in five years?! Not bad going on my part, eh girls? Who says you need to be a blond size 10 with spherical breasts to trap a man?! And a damn good man at that!



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another weird dream...

Health persons and lay persons alike assure me that odd dreams are common, if not normal in pregnancy. Try this one for size......

I did dream the other night that I was successfully breastfeeding my baby! I am indeed very keen to breastfeed in real life, so it was a comfort to think my brain "knows" how to do in in my dream. In the dream, feeding begins to hurt, and as my dream-self, I remember what I have read about breastfeeding, you have to slip your finger into baby's mouth to "break the seal" of suction, and start again, in the correct position.

So as I slip my finger in its mouth, I notice all is not right, look down and realise it is the cat!!!!!!!

In the dream, I do not think to myself, eugh, get the cat off me, I think, oh, that's why it's hurting, only because of her sharp teeth! Makes me shudder to think back on it. My brain is very strange.



Friday, June 22, 2007

Meeting baby

On the 18th, HID and I saw our little baby for the first time at our scan! I had received my instruction letter from the hospital two weeks beforehand, and was a little concerned about having to drink one and a half pints of liquid before an hour before the appointment. I am not into gulping, more of a sipper myself, and I was worried that my pregnancy bladder, that which used to be a real toughie, especially for a girl, would let me down!

My mum confirmed these worries, assuring me that I will be desperate for the loo, and then a midwife spends 10 mins pressing on your tummy! Nightmare.
As it happens, I need not have worried about needing the loo, as I had a much more pressing problem to distract me: morning sickness. My tummy was not best impressed at being filled with sloshy liquid, and made it be known almost immediately. However, I knew that if I threw up, they would not be able to see the baby clearly, and I would probably be made to drink it all over again and sit in the waiting room for another hour! So I swallowed hard again and again, willing myself to keep it down until after the scan.

I managed the car journey well enough, and was told the unit was on the 3rd floor. I took one look at the lift, of which I am wary at the best of times, and thought no way, that feeling that your tummy leaves you when it goes and stops? I’d have no chance. Stairs it is. The midwife who booked me in is holding the lift for us….I am politely declining, explaining I plan to walk the stairs. HER: “Oh, well done you, you’ll be much fitter than me!” (Ironic that she’s a size 10 and I’m a 16) HID has had a root canal on his front tooth that morning, and is in a lot of pain that I know will only be made worse if he takes the stairs. I plead my case to him, leave me and meet me at the top. He protests that I have been feeling dizzy recently (another joy of pregnancy) and refuses to leave my side. By the time we are at the top, we are both wheezing like 40-a-day pensioners (I swear pregnancy is making me even more unfit), and HID is grimacing with his tooth. The lift pings, and the midwife grins at us. What a sight we must be. Smug cow. Lovely lady really!

The stairs have not really alleviated my sickness either, I could very easily be sick. Thank god the waiting room is empty, we’re next. We are led into a darkened room, and I’m invited to lie down and bare my tum, not something I even do on the beach. She squirts the gel on; I jump out of my skin. I always thought that stuff was cold, it was red hot!
As the baby appeared on the screen, I did not need anything explaining to me as I thought I would, it was crystal clear to me the head, body, and legs. I could feel HID grinning beside me, squeezing my hand tighter. I didn’t think there would be so much detail!

Suddenly, the legs stretched right out, and back again. HID had thought it was a girl, but changed his mind when he saw all that kicking. I told him it was sexist, and that not only boys kick! He’s a weirdo; he doesn’t even like football anyway!
The midwife took a few pictures and gave them to us on the way out. HID complained that they were all the same angle. He could have done better apparently, and almost grabbed the thing out of her hand! Funny, I had suddenly forgotten all about feeling sick and needing a wee….



Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wilson is my next door neighbour....

I am a very excited mum-to-be. When I was just 5 weeks pregnant, I went to the shops and searched all over for a bump-on-board sign, and finally found one I liked, hoping not only to prevent maniacs from rear-ending me, but also to tell the world and his dog how very excited I am!

Arriving home from work on day last week, our neighbour was parking her car at the same time as me. I can't ever remember her name, isn't that terrible? We bought our house from HID's mum, and he's lived there since he was seven, so it's really terrible that he doesn't know her name, since I've only lived there a year! We have a few things in common with the neighbours, like they also bought their house from their parents. But it's not like they are round every weekend for drinks, we occasionally say hello and chat when we see each other.

So we both get out of our cars, and say hello, me desperate to put my feet up, not wanting much of a chat.

HER: "are you expecting?"

I think, paranoid, good lord, am I that fat already?! But confirm her suspicions.

HER: "I saw the sign in your car!"

Yesssss, it worked! The world and his dog does know! Then, out of the blue:

HER: "I'm due in two weeks!"

Erm, what?! I had no idea whatsoever she was pregnant!!!! I struggle to not let this confusion register on my face, and answer:

ME: "Wow, not long now for you then!"

And make my excuses and hurry inside to figure out how in the world I have failed to notice my own next door neighbour is with child. Imminently. Now I really do feel bad. Do I just walk around in my own little Grown bubble? Am I that self-obsessed? Then, as I explain to a bewildered HID that the neighbours are having a sprog in two weeks, it dawns on me. There is a shoulder-height fence between our two driveways, and I always speak to her over the fence! No wonder we never saw the bump! I don't feel as guilty now. All I have to do is find out her and her hubby's name for the congratulatory card.........



Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Vanning it.

You will never guess what HID and I bought a few weeks ago?! That's right, a static caravan with a stunning view! And a total bargain it was too. Just a 2 hour drive to our little love nest, and perfect for when the bambino arrives eh?!

Wedding Belle

I am rather excited to be going to a family wedding on HID's side this weekend! I love his aunties, they are just so posh, it's truly divine! And because I don't really know the people too well, I spend an absolute age perfecting my appearance in the hope of making a good impression, I'm sure lots of girls are the same. I just want to look the part! According to HID, apparently I do....

I have to/like to do these kind of things on a budget. So, I am recycling the dress I wore for my graduation ball a few weeks ago, a dusty pink satin 60's style number (a bargain at £6). Plus, I have found shoes that may be less successful at crippling me than were the pair I borrowed from my mother....low kitten heel pink with a bow matching the dress (a steal at £4.99). A dusty pink satin bag reduced to half price (£5). I scoured charity shops for a non-rip-off hat, black, customised with pink ribbon (a wonder at £2.50), and finally in the same charity shop, a long, black embroidered satin suit jacket (with matching skirt I'll probably never don, £3.99). So all in all a success!

I was sure it would all match, and tried on the ensemble for HID that very evening. I was amazed at my reflection in the mirror, I had done so well! I really looked the part, and pretty gorgeous too! Off to find HID, what do you think? I quizzed him.

"Oh, er, you look really...grown up!"
ME: "Don't you like it?"
HIM: "Of course! You look very, um, glamorous."

Later, in bed, wearing his old jogging pants and an old t shirt of his that clashed, I am still chuffed as about my outfit, telling him of all my bargains.

"Will you shut up about that outfit!"
ME: "Your don't like it do you?"
HIM: "If I'm totally honest, I've never seen you look more unsexy in my life!"
ME: "What even now?!"

I look down at my attire...

HIM: "Yes. You look like an auntie."

Well, we're going to a wedding, isn't that kinda the point? Hats and stuff? Girls my age never wear hats, god knows why, I love them! They really suit me. And I love being a bit different, so what better way than to wear a hat? He couldn't convince me! I still love it!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Long time, no see!


It has been ages since I last wrote anything! Three months in fact. I have been rather busy, with uni coming to a close, and other things.....

I found out I am pregnant! HID and I were over the moon. We both knew it before we did a test, we'd been trying since October, and I stared throwing up about 2 weeks before my period was due....took a test a week later before HID woke up. I waited the full 3 mins, like it says on the box, but the result was obvious staright away. I climbed back into bed, not realising how much I was shaking! So much HID woke up and asked what was wrong! He has never hugged me so tightly as he did that day.

He had to go to work, so I made my way to the doctors. On the way my mum text me, and I just knew I couldn't keep it to myself. I asked HID if I could go round to tell her, he was fine with it. By luck, my step-dad was working from home, so they were both together! I told mum I'd just been to the doctors, she asked why, what's wrong with me. I said "nothing" with a huge goofy grin on my face! Then I told then. They are so pleased. It will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family! It will be spoiled rotten, ha ha.

So, just keeping you up to speed! That was 3 months ago, due to go for my scan next week .......