Tuesday, January 23, 2007

In the Soupermarket

Myself and HID had a wander round my fave supermarket the other day. I always get a small trolley, as it's just the two of us, but since I rarely drive all the way to said fave supermarket anymore, so, as usual, it was piled dangerously high, even only halfway round. HID always gets soup, and I leave him to it as soup bores me. I need something to munch, and I've never been one for hot liquids; I don't even do brews. Soup was on offer so he got about 20 or something ridiculous, but two minutes later saw a sign on an "end" display of the rows that made him doubt that all the flavours were on offer. He stopped dead in the centre of the middle, main isle, and proceeded to root through the tins. I pointed out that he was in everyone's way, and we both swung the very heavy trolley round into the nearest isle, the weight of the trolley clipping a display as it went. A display of about 80 bathroom cleaning sprays. They began to tumble.... 30 crashes later, an exasperated HID started to pick up and put back the plastic bottles of cleaner. I went to his aid, bit found myself very tickled by the incident. He caught my eye, and soon we were giggling like school kids as we tried to right our wrong, since each time we touched the display, another bottle leaped off to the floor. Eventually, all was well, and we scarpered off before yet more started to tumble....


Monday, January 15, 2007

Caught Out

In the months leading up to Christmas, I spied a copy of Top Gear magazine that had a free Clarkson book, one that HID had not yet read. I purchased said item, hurried it home, fished the mag out of the plastic wrapping, and gave it to HID as a treat. The book, I stowed away until Christmas time, when I gave it to HID as a sneaky present. Thinking I had gotten away with this deed, days later I picked up the literature for some light reading. To assess its eligibility, as I do with all books, I turned it over and read the back. Upon the red sleeve was an emblazoned yellow box stating "this book was free with a copy of Top Gear magazine, and is not to be sold separately." On my own in the room, I blush. HID never takes any notice of such things. Right? The next day, in the car with HID, I fail to remember the conversation leading up to it, but I was rumbled. He tried to tell me that the yellow box also made a joke of those who had received the book as a present, they were being ripped off! Outraged, I checked. It merely says that the book should have cost X amount of pounds, should it have been bought. The particulars do not matter! I was caught out just the same. And I though I was so clever....


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Busy II